Your Perfect Ride.

Vaughan Snowboards is the brainchild of former Canadian national team member and professional snowboarder, David Vaughan. After struggling to find a board that could perform on all terrain and in all conditions, Dave decided to start designing and crafting his own boards. The initial response was huge and Vaughan Snowboards was born.   

The mission of Vaughan Snowboards is to build quality handmade snowboards that perform second to none. 

Our Part.  

A goal of ours is to reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing performance. In our 2018/19 boards, we reduced plastics by 50% and in 2019/20 we will expand that construction to 90% of our boards. By using bamboo or maple topsheets and sidewalls, we have eliminated all plastics except for sintered base material. These changes have made our boards even better. We are also using more environmentally-friendly epoxies to do our part in reducing impact.

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